Our Law Firm was established in 2010 as a result of the cooperation between two attorneys: Paweł Kryczka and Dominika Legan-Zając. Through their shared passion within their fields of law they established KLZ Adwokaci Kryczka Legan-Zając s.c. legal firm.

The law firm specialises in educational law, civil and economic law, and labour law. In addition, we provide ongoing legal services for educational entities, including kindergartens and schools. KLZ Adwokaci Kryczka Legan-Zając s.c. is distinguished by its well-established successes in matters relating to public finances, inter alia, educational subsidies.

KLZ Adwokaci Kryczka Legan-Zając s.c. provide comprehensive legal services for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs and investors, including the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts, real estate development agreements, as well as the creation, operation, mergers and transformations of companies. Our firm has a successful track record of reaching settlement of disputes both in and out of court.

Our many years of experience within the practice combined with our focus on client relationships have allowed us to successfully manage cases in the fields of administrative proceedings, court disputes under civil law, pursuing claims, as well as providing legal assistance in criminal matters.

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